When it comes to Wauwatosa chimney repair, The Chimney Expert treats every home as if it’s our own. So, when we were recently called to take a look at worn-out, damaged chimney flashing on a beautiful Wauwatosa home, we got down to work to give it a second life.

What is Chimney Flashing?

Chimney flashing is the metal banding that wraps around the chimney base. When correctly applied, flashing acts as a water sealant, essential for avoiding leakage from snow and rain. In many cases, though, flashing is half-heartedly installed, often resulting in extreme moisture damage to a home’s roof and beyond.

Wauwatosa Chimney Flashing Repair Process:

Unfortunately, this Wauwatosa home had already experienced a good deal of wood rot caused by loose, broken, and bent flashing. After completing a thorough inspection, the skilled team from The Chimney Expert began the repair process by installing new parts, including:

  • Wood Decking: The foundation of any roof, wood decking sits between the structural pieces (the joists and trusses) and the protective materials (the insulation and shingles). For wood decking to maintain its structural integrity, it must remain dry, a condition which is easily compromised by a faulty chimney flashing.
  • Ice and Water Shield: A self-adhering underlayment membrane, the ice and water shield protects the roof from the moisture of all kinds.
  • Stainless Steel Rain Cap: By preventing precipitation and rodents from entering the chimney, a stainless steel rain cap is essential to its performance and offers the additional benefit of aesthetic appeal.
  • Aluminum Step Flashing and Corners: Offering a continuous series of components that channel water from the chimney back to the roof shingles, step flashing and corners are vital to any chimney system.
  • Custom-Made Counter Flashing: As an added layer of defense, counter flashing guards against water getting over the top of step flashing.
  • Weatherproof Polyurethane: With a 50-year lifespan, polyurethane sealant is used to make sure that every gap and joint of the chimney flashing will repel moisture.
  • Kool Seal Asphalt Coating: To keep the asphalt shingles surrounding the chimney flashing fresh and free of cracks, Kool Seal asphalt coating is applied.

Does Your Wauwatosa Chimney Need a Chimney Expert?

When it comes to chimney flashing repair, Wauwatosa residents can count on The Chimney Expert. With meticulous craftsmanship and unmatched customer service, we offer a full range of chimney services, including construction, repair, restoration, and inspection. For a free estimate, call The Chimney Expert today at 414-350-4263 or fill out our online contact form.