Milwaukee Chimney Rain Caps and Rain Covers

Rain caps are a chimney's first defense against rain, animal infestation and tree debris. If your chimney is leaking or is blocked, you may need a new chimney rain cap. A damaged or missing rain cap may, in fact, be to blame if your fireplace seems to be working poorly too.

Why You Need a Chimney Cap

Because having a new chimney cap installed is relatively quick and inexpensive, homeowners are sometimes tempted to underestimate how important it is to have a chimney cap professionally inspected and installed. A properly installed chimney cap is vital to maintaining your chimney, and it protects your chimney health in a number of vital ways. For instance, chimney caps:

  • Keep sparks and embers from escaping your chimney and damaging your home.
  • Prevent blockages due to animals and debris.
  • Keep rain and moisture from entering chimneys and damaging the chimney's interior.
  • Increase the efficiency of fireplaces by eliminating heat-stealing downdrafts caused by wind.

Chimney blockages are exceptionally dangerous and may be the number one reason that homeowners should have their chimneys checked annually by professional chimney inspectors.

If you lose your rain cap and your chimney becomes blocked by an animal nest or tree debris, the next time you use it, you could cause a fire, fill your home with gases, or damage the interior of your chimney. In short, a missing or improperly installed chimney cap or rain cover poses all sorts of serious risks that are entirely preventable if you just have your chimney inspected regularly.

Signs Your Chimney Needs a Cap Installed

If you notice any of the following problems with your chimney or fireplace, you may need a new chimney cap installed:

  • You hear strange sounds inside your chimney.
  • Your chimney smells strange when you use it, or there appears to be more smoke than normal.
  • You notice moisture inside your fireplace, or your fireplace damper mechanisms are rusting.
  • Your fireplace seems unusually drafty or inefficient.

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