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Do You Need New Chimney Flashing?

Chimney flashing is metal banding that wraps around the base of a chimney, and when it is properly installed, it seals out water, and protects the home from water intrusion and leakage when it rains and snows. Unfortunately, when chimney flashing is improperly installed, it doesn't do any of that, which can result in extensive water damage and costly home repairs.

One sign that you may need new chimney flashing is a leaking chimney (although a leaky chimney may mean that you need a new rain cap installed instead). Other signs that you need professional chimney flashing help aren't always as easy to spot, however. For instance, if you see any of the following flashing problems, it may be time to schedule a chimney inspection:

  • Your chimney flashing is rusted, torn or in some way damaged. (Both high winds and animal tampering can damage even properly-installed flashing.)
  • The caulking around your chimney is missing, loose or coming out of the seals.
  • Your chimney flashing is missing or missing pieces.
  • Annual professional chimney inspections can help spot potential flashing issues before they become extensive.

When Should You Have Your Chimney Flashing Done?

Unless your chimney is leaking or you are experiencing some other problem with your flashing, the best time to have new chimney flashing installed is usually when you're already having other roof or chimney work done. Since proper flashing installation involves incorporating the flashing into the roof shingles and embedding it into the chimney mortar, it just makes sense to bundle your roofing and chimney service work whenever possible.

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